Stories of the day 29/10/13

The Independent leads today with the tragic story of an Iranian national burnt to death over false accusations of paedophilia.

David Cameron says Britain needs to invest in young people to reduce dependence on EU migrant workers.

A prominent Algerian academic was denied a short-term visa to visit Oxford University in a move described “as if the Algerians had refused a visa to the former director of the British Museum.”

A campaign by Refugee Action has won asylum seekers the right to volunteer.

Two staff members of Serco-run Yarl’s Wood immigration detention centre have been sacked for having sex with a female detainee.

The Express reports on the plight of Syrian partners of British citizens unable to obtain spouse visas to the UK. Stuck in a warzone, their partners fear for their lives every day (see also this Channel 4 News piece on the issue).

Finally, during today’s Immigration Bill evidence sessions, a leading medic told MPs immigrants should receive free health care. 


Iranian immigrant murdered after false paedophile accusations (Independent)

‘Jobs for Britons, not immigrants’  (Telegraph) 

 Algerian academic denied short-term entry visa (Guardian)

Asylum seekers get right to volunteer (Foreigners in the UK)

Yarl’s Wood staff sacked for sex with detainee (BBC News)

Syrian partners of British citizens denied visas (Daily Express) 

Immigrants should receive free A&E care (BBC News)

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